Creeping It Real in NYC- Halloween Bar Fun

Halloween Bar Fun: If there’s one place that truly qualifies as “The City That Never Sleeps,” it is NYC, hands down. No location quite compares to New York City when it comes to fun and entertainment, especially after dark. This buzzing metropolis of 8.4 million people is always on the edge of something new and exciting. Take, for instance, Halloween. If you want to party with the best, the experts are showing you how to do it. Kick your feet up and relax. Welcome to Gotham City, friends.

Can’t Beat the Big Apple during Autumn

Fall is a gorgeous season, especially in the Northeast, and New York City stands out as one of the finest places to visit. Autumn is stunning, and you can enjoy the fall foliage in Central Park and along Park Avenue’s elegant boulevard. The month of October is a great one for having fun in Manhattan and gearing up for the spectacular Halloween celebrations. The weather is crisp, and it hardly rains in NYC during October. The entire month of October is the ideal time for walking around the city and attending all kinds of events.

Enjoy the Fantastic Social Atmosphere 

Halloween is the spooktacular night when you want to be around fun-loving people. As an adult, you want to socialize, meet new friends, and check out the action. The simplest and most iconic way to do this is by joining the best Halloween bar crawl in NYC. Talk about the ultimate thrilling evening; you’ll be participating in one of the most popular events of the year. No one does it better than NYC.

The tickets are rock-bottom for a full night of non-stop entertainment! Better yet, come and party in the famous Lower East Side of NYC, where hauntingly amazing times await you. Reserve your tickets now for October 27 and/or October 28. You can attend both bashes for double the fun!

Trick or Treat, and the Drinks Are Flowing 

When you and your friends opt for the coolest bar crawl across NYC, you get some great savings. In addition, these prime bar locations are all within walking distance, and Manhattan is one of the finest walkable cities. You get to dress up in your scariest Halloween costume and join hundreds of other happy Hallow’s Eve revelers.

This isn’t a quicky party, thank you, and goodnight. This pub crawl lasts for several hours so that you can truly experience these special venues. As long as you are 21+ years old and provide a valid state ID, driver’s license, or passport for age verification, this fun time is open to you.

Best of all, door cover charges are waived, including fab, select nightclubs, and bars with the ultimate DJS. It is non-stop fun under one Big Apple umbrella.

Creeping It Real: These Bars Are Bomb

Your crawl ticket to NYC Halloween fun and frivolity features a great sampling of bars, nightclubs, and lounges. Waiting just for you are five Lower East Side favorites you won’t soon forget:

   Cozy Cafe

   Skinny Nightclub 

   Mazaar Lounge

   Late Late Nightclub

   Grayson Bar

These venues have all been carefully selected and bring a lot to the table. The Cozy Cafe is a happening hookah bar pairing flavored pipe smokes with drinks, belly dancers, and Middle Eastern eats.

The Skinny Nightclub boasts custom cocktails and outdoor seating. It’s a lively, artsy vibe with classic American grub. 

The Mazaar Lounge is all about cocktails, bottles, hookah, delicious dining, and DJs spinning the hottest music. 

The Late Nightclub features a bi-level bar. It’s a super-friendly spot for celebrating, and there’s a tiny “grocery store” inside stocked with Irish treats. 

The Grayson is an awesome sports bar with loud music, amazing wings, nachos, and drinks galore. The vibe is definitely down for Halloween partying.

Don’t let Halloween slip by you this time around. NYC’s incredible pub crawl will be unforgettable. Reserve your tickets now!

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