Does Applebees Take Apple pay? 2023 New Update

Applebees Take Apple Pay: Hi folks welcome to our post. Applebee’s is a casual eating establishment that serves traditional American fare. You can frequently get fantastic bargains on meals at Applebee’s and even enormous amounts. Once it comes to paying for your dinner, you may question if Applebee’s takes Apple Pay. Not every establishment or restaurant does have the technology to take money from a digital wallet. Here’s all you need to learn about whether Applebee accepts Apple Pay.

Does Applebees Take Apple pay?
Does Applebees Take Apple pay?

Does Applebees Take Apple pay?

The short answer is no, Applebee’s does not accept Apple Pay payments. However, some research indicates that a few Applebee’s franchisees accept Apple Pay payments, although this information has not been officially confirmed by Applebee’s.
Not allowing mobile or digital payments at a restaurant can be a setback for the establishment, since almost half of the US population uses mobile payment programs to make purchases. However, Applebee’s has taken a step ahead by beginning to accept mobile or digital payments at their franchise locations across the United States.
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How To Use Apple Pay At Applebees?

Using Applebees Giftcard:

One method to utilize Apple Pay to pay for your meal at Applebee’s is to use an Applebee’s gift card.

  • Applebee’s, like many other fast-food restaurants, sells gift cards.
  • Gift cards are divided into levels based on their value.
  • There are, for example, $20 gift cards, $50 gift cards, and so on.
  • The beautiful thing about gift cards is that many of them can be purchased with Apple Pay.
  • Cards can be purchased in electronic & physical formats.
  • You may use your Apple Pay account to purchase for the gift card as long as you discover a retailer that offers Applebee’s gift cards and accepts Apple Pay.
  • The gift card may then be used to pay for your meal at Applebee’s.
  • This solution uses the gift card as a middleman between Apple Pay and Applebee’s.

Delivery service:

  • Another option for getting around Applebee’s refusal to accept Apple Pay is to hire a delivery service.
  • Apple Pay is frequently accepted by GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, & a few other delivery services.
  • Food may also be ordered using mobile applications.
  • You can use Apple Pay to pay for your meal and delivery service because you can order meals through their applications.
  • The first is that you’ll be eating Applebee’s at home because you’re employing a delivery service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Applebee’s refusing to take Apple Pay?

A simple explanation would be a lack of technology. Applebee’s may lack the appropriate technology and equipment. Another issue might be a lack of demand or personnel training.

Are there any Apple Pay alternatives?

Yes, there are additional options that work in a similar manner. Other applications that may be utilized include Google Pay and PayPal. gift cards, Applebee’s, on the other hand, does not take any of these; they only accept credit cards, debit cards,  or cash.


To summarise, Applebee’s is a domestic firm that operates under the franchise model and offers sit-down dining throughout the United States. The majority of Apple products support the mobile and digital payment software known as Apple Pay. This app was developed by Apple. Applebee’s, on the other hand, does not accept mobile payments via Apple Pay or any other kind of payment application.
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