Does IHOP Take Apple Pay? 2022 Latest Update

Does IHop Take Apple Pay? IHOP is a worldwide American pancake house restaurant brand. The corporation has approximately 1,800 branches worldwide, with several in the Americas, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. IHOP‘s menu is mostly comprised of breakfast foods such as eggs, waffles, sausages, and French toast. They do, however, cover the lunch and supper segments.

Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?
Does IHOP Take Apple Pay?

This contains burgers, tacos, burritos, and other foods.IHOP is one of the most popular breakfast establishments among consumers due to its diverse menu and 24-hour availability. Customers can order meals from IHOP using one of two methods. They may either go to their local IHOP or order meals through one of IHOP’s companion services.

Does IHop Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at IHOP restaurants. Apple Pay is accepted at select IHOP locations across the world. It may also be used to place pick-up or delivery orders with all of the major meal delivery services. Several delivery companies allow Apple Pay payments for IHOP orders that are picked up or delivered.
Learn all you need to know about IHOP’s Apple Pay payment method.

How To Use Apple Pay At IHOP?

IHOP has just begun taking Apple Pay as a legitimate method of payment in their locations during the last several years. This happened not long after the company first released Apple Pay as a service for phone and watch customers.

If your Apple Wallet is linked to a valid billing method, you can pay for meals at IHOP with your iPhone. You’ll be able to check out your purchases in an actual IHOP establishment or via one of the various mobile apps for ordering meals if you do so.


  • You must first link your card to your wallet before you can use Apple Pay at an IHOP. You may accomplish this by heading to your phone’s Wallet app and hitting the Add icon in the top right.
  • Scan your selected card and follow the on-screen instructions to complete Apple Pay functionality! After that, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to make both online and offline transactions.
  • You may pay with your iPhone at IHOP restaurants by alerting the clerk that you’ll be using Apple Pay. After you’ve finished buying, click the power button on your iPhone or Apple Watch twice.
  • Place your smartphone in front of the payment machine when your Digital Wallet appears. A checkmark should appear after a brief period of loading.

Is it possible to use IHOP gift cards with Apple Pay?

  • Unfortunately, IHOP Gift Cards cannot be stored in your Apple Digital Wallet.
  • This implies that Apple Pay cannot be used in conjunction with those payment methods.
  • Those who want to use this payment option must either physically pay at one of IHOP‘s retail locations or scan the card within one of the food-ordering mobile applications.
  • Apple Pay cannot be used in either case.

Alternative Payment Methods At IHOP:

  • Given that IHOP is one of America’s largest international enterprises, they accept a wide range of both contact and contactless payment methods.
  • The first type of payment option accepted by the food giant is third-party credit and debit cards such as American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. IHOP also does not accept PayPal as an acceptable form of payment.
  • Finally, users may use any third-party gift cards, such as those provided by Visa, Best Buy, or American Express, to check out.
  • The majority of these payment options may be placed into your Apple Wallet and utilized to make your desired purchase using Apple Pay!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does IHOP take tap pay?

Yes, IHOP takes Apple Pay at all locations.

Is it safe?

Yes, using Apple pay at IHOP is very secure.

Final Words:

At all of their physical locations, IHOP accepts Apple Pay via mobile phones as well as the Apple Watch. Furthermore, users may use their iPhone to pay with Apple Pay at several popular meal delivery services.

This ensures a quick, straightforward, and dependable checkout experience from IHOP every time! Individuals having IHOP Gift Cards, on the other hand, are unable to put them into their Apple Wallet.

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