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Meijer Take Apple Pay? Hi friends welcome to our post. Meijer is a well-known supermarket store that operates in several Midwest states. Aside from being a one-stop shop for everything, they also provide a variety of payment options to their consumers. In this piece, we’ll look into if Meijer take Apple Pay. Meijer was started in 1934 as a grocery store chain before becoming an early pioneer of the supercenter retail format, which they pioneered in 1962.

Does Meijer Take Apple Pay?
Does Meijer Take Apple Pay?

Unless you live in a food desert, chances are you have at least one or two larger supermarkets nearby to select from. Is a Meijer store near you your favourite shopping destination, or do you prefer to buy elsewhere? Meijer has various distinguishing traits that may entice visitors to visit them.

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Does Meijer Take Apple Pay?

As of the current year, Meijer takes Apple Pay in all of its shops. Apple Pay is also accepted in many Meijer gas stations, particularly Meijer 24-hour gas stations. You can also use Apple Pay to pay for items at Meijer self-service checkout. You must have an Apple NFC-enabled device to utilise Apple Pay at Meijer.
Continue reading to learn whether Meijer gas takes Apple Pay, how to use Apple Pay at Meijer, payment options accepted at Meijer shops, and more!

What Is Meijer Shop & Scan?

This is a unique and interesting feature that was introduced in certain Meijer locations in 2018.
You may use an app to scan your grocery products as you add them to your cart or basket using Shop & Scan.
When you’re through shopping & ready to check out, simply scan your application on the way out to pay for everything.
This is important since it allows you to budget your overall shopping expenditure as you go, which is helpful if you’re on a tight budget.
Because you’re scanning them immediately away, it may also make you more aware of which goods you’re grabbing while you shop.

How To Use Apple Pay At Meijer?

  • It’s simple to pay with Apple Pay at your local Meijer supercenter.
  • They have almost everything you might want and you can pay for it everything using Apple Pay.
  • Begin by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone before leaving the house and adding one or more payment methods by inputting your debit or credit card information.
  • When you arrive to the store, pull out your iPhone or Apple Watch and launch the Wallet app once you’re at the checkout.
  • If you don’t see a prompt to validate your purchase, tell the cashier you’re using Apple Pay and bring your iPhone closer to the NFC payment terminal.
  • The purchase will be validated once you see a short prompt on your screen.
  • Simply follow the on-screen directions, and your Apple iPhone will walk you through the whole payment procedure.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Meijer:

Yes, there are various advantages to utilising Apple Pay to make purchases at Meijer; here are a few of them:
  • The procedure is quick & simple to implement.
  • Using Apple Pay is safer than using debit or credit cards on their own.
  • When you add a payment method to the Apple Wallet, you add another degree of security.
  • Apple maintains data private, so the shop will not have access to your payment information.
  • You no longer need to carry your purse or wallet after successfully adding your cards to the Apple Wallet.

Other Payment Methods At Meijer:

Aside from Apple Pay, Meijer accepts the following payment methods:
  • Gift cards from Meijer
  • Personal check
  • Debit or credit card
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Cash

Is it Safe to Use At Meijer?

Apple Pay is a handy way to pay for groceries, and Meijer stores are happy to provide you with this service. You can have numerous cards in your Apple wallet at the same time and use them to make payments.
Along with ease, Apple Pay provides a safeguard for the customer’s privacy. It protects your data with multi-factor authentication and prevents the retailer from accessing it.
You will not only be able to purchase without difficulty, but you will also not have to worry about your private details being compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use my phone to pay at Meijer stores?

Yes, you may pay quickly using the many virtual payment options available at Meijer shops. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & Google Pay are the most common.

Do Meijer Self-Service Checkouts Accept Apple Pay?

Fortunately, Apple Pay is accepted at Meijer self-service checkout kiosks.
You must, however, confirm that your Apple Pay option is enabled in your Apple Wallet for successful payment.

Is Meijer less expensive than Walmart?

What is the most affordable food store? Aldi is the clear winner for the cheapest grocery shop in 2022 based on everyday low costs at the store. Walmart comes in second, followed by Meijer and Kroger.


In a word, Meijer offers Apple Pay in-store and at certain gas stations.
Unfortunately, Apple Pay cannot be used for Meijer online transactions or at certain of its gas stations.
Meijer also accepts cash, debit card, & personal check as alternative payment options for clients who may not like to use Apple Pay.
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