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Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay? Who doesn’t like a piece of fried chicken from their favorite fast-food joint? Fried chicken never goes out of style, whether it’s in a sandwich or served with salad and fries. Popeyes is one of the top alternatives in the United States since it offers some of the best-fried chicken in the country and has amassed a large number of followers and admirers of its cuisine since its inception in 1972 in New Orleans.

Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay ?
 Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay?

However, by 2022, many consumers expect to be able to use all of the existing payment options, such as Apple Pay, but does Popeyes accept Apple Pay? Let us investigate and discover more about Popeyes.

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Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at Popeyes. You may pay with Apple Pay both on their app and in their restaurant. They began taking Apple Pay at their restaurants in 2019 and will continue to do so because it is one of the simplest and most secure payment ways for their consumers.

How Does Apple Pay Work at Popeyes?

Make sure to activate Apple Pay before using it anyplace. Before you can use Apple Pay to pay anyplace, you must first fill out specific fields such as your basic information, payment details, and so on.

Using an iPhone:

  • Unlock your phone with Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode whatever security lock you have.
  • Hold your Apple smartphone near the contactless payment scanner terminal and keep it there until you receive a notification on your iPhone.
  • The payment reader will then display a green check mark.
  • You must then tap the “Done” button on your iPhone’s home screen. It is for security purposes to ensure that you are using it with all of your permissions.
  • Congratulations! Your payment has been completed.

Using An watch:

  • Unlock your Apple Watch by entering your passcode, if applicable.
  • As with your iPhone, approach the payment scanner terminal with your Apple Watch and hold it until you receive a notice to tap “Donne” on your Apple Watch screen.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay:

Let’s look at the benefits of utilizing Apple Pay and why it’s so popular at Popeyes.

  • It’s convenient
  • Never before has contactless payment been so widely accepted. Apple Pay is simple to use and requires clients to touch nothing other than the device from which they wish to make a payment.
  • Using this method of payment at a crowded restaurant like Popeyes minimizes wait times, whether the transaction is completed inside or through a drive-through.


Apple Pay is incredibly safe since your debit/credit card information is never saved. Instead, each time you pay, the app generates a new token to prevent shops from obtaining your card information. This implies that utilizing this method of payment makes it nearly difficult for your card to be compromised.

No Fees

When used to pay in stores or restaurants, Apple Pay does not collect any fees. If you opt to enter your credit card information into the app, you will be charged the standard costs determined by your provider.

If I use Apple Pay Can I earn cash back at Popeyes?

Customers who use Apple Pay Card to make purchases often receive a payback for each and every purchase they make using the card. On the official Apple website, there is a checkbox you may use to see whether you qualify. If you do a significant amount of shopping, it is in your best interest to utilize the Apple Pay Card so that you may get cash back on each and every purchase you make. This will result in significant cost reductions over the course of some length of time.

Other Payment Methods:

Popeyes, like many other fast-food restaurants, allows several payment options. If utilizing Apple Pay sounds intimidating, you may always fall back on the following options.

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Popeyes Gift Card
  • American Express
  • Google Play
  • Master card
  • Samsung Play

Frequently Ask Questions:

Where is Apple Pay accepted?

Since Apple Pay is accepted at more than 85 percent of merchants in the United States, you should be able to use it virtually anywhere and in any way, you see fit. If you’re not sure, just ask. Apple Pay may be used at any establishment that accepts contactless transactions, including convenience stores, supermarkets, taxis, and public transportation stations. Apps and online are also options.

How do I use Apple Pay at ATM?

Apple Pay may be accessed even if your iPhone is locked by performing a double-click on the home button. If not, go to the Wallet screen and touch the debit card you use.

  • Keep your finger on the home button while activating Touch ID on your iPhone by placing it near the sign that indicates a contactless reader on an automated teller machine.
  • The keypad at the ATM is where you will enter your PIN.

Final words:

So you’ve learned everything there is to know about using Apple Pay at Popeyes. The digital wallet revolution has made it considerably easier and safer to do transactions at Popeyes.

Apple Pay is becoming increasingly popular as a method of payment, so take use of it whenever feasible! You may eliminate the need for cash and cards from your life entirely by using Apple Pay as your only form of payment. It is best to make contact in advance and confirm, or else ensure that you always have a fallback payment option available.

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