Does Subway Take Apple Pay? 2022 New Update

Does Subway Take Apple Pay? Subway is a restaurant chain in the United States. It mostly sells submarine sandwiches, colloquially known as subs.’ Subway presents itself as a healthy alternative to McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants, which has resulted in a large client base for the restaurant company. Subway operates approximately 37000 locations worldwide.

Does Subway Take Apple Pay?
Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

Subway requires many ways of payment to appeal to this engaged clientele. We’re all familiar with cash and credit cards, but does Subway accept Apple Pay? In this essay, I will explain whether or not Subway accepts Apple Pay as a mode of payment.

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Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

As of 2022, Subway accepts Apple Pay for payments at its shop locations. In reality, consumers at Subway have been able to use Apple Pay to pay for meals at all locations since 2014. Subway recently expanded its application of Apply Pay to enable contactless curbside ordering via the Subway app.
Continue reading for more information about Subway’s adoption of Apple Pay and other means of payment.

How To Use Apple Pay Via Subway App?

  • You may order Subway meal delivery to your home or business by visiting the Subway restaurant’s website or app. This app also allows Apple Pay payments. You may pay with Apple Pay by selecting it as a payment mechanism throughout the checkout process.
  • You can eat in your car if you choose the drive-thru option. You are not required to enter the restaurant. In contrast, the curbside pickup option allows you to order meals before arriving at the restaurant and pick it up there.
  • You can pay for your food with Apple Pay for both of these alternatives. So you can eat at Subway without having to use a credit card, debit card, coupon, or cash.

Other Payment Method At Subway:

Apple Pay is a popular payment method at Subway since so many people in the United States use the app. However, Subway also accepts different payment methods.
Subway accepts the following methods of payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Credit Card 
  • Debit Cards
  • Subway Gift Vouchers
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Debit and Credit gift cards
If you don’t have Apple Pay or are having trouble using it, you may pay your bills at Subway using any of the aforementioned methods.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I Use Apple Pay For Subway Curbside Pickup?

It’s difficult to argue that curbside pickup has evolved into a convenient method to enjoy a meal without having to wait in line inside. Curbside pickup has grown in popularity and utility at Subway.
After giving Apple Pay to its customers inside for a few years, Subway just made things even easier by accepting Apple Pay with curbside pickup orders.

Is Subway selling gift cards?

Subway does, in fact, sell gift cards. You may get them at the Subway gift card online shop. You may buy e-gift cards that are sent to the recipient, or you can send actual gift cards in the mail.
Subway sells gift cards for up to $500. You can buy several cards if you desire higher-valued gift cards.

Is Google Pay accepted on the subway?

After stating that Subway does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay as payment alternatives, you may be surprised to learn that Subway accepts Apple Pay as a payment option both online and in-store.

Does NYC subway take Apple Pay?

Yes. Simply ensure that you have a payment card on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Final words:

Subway accepts a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay. We advocate utilizing Apple Pay wherever feasible since it is safe, convenient, and extremely simple to set up and use.
If you believe we have left anything out of this post or if you have any more questions concerning this subject, please leave a note in the comments box below.
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